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Our Story

Why bother with cows if we can make vegan ice cream more delicious than dairy ice cream?

Our goal is to introduce New Yorkers to healthier, plant-based frozen desserts from Japan, offering an authentic taste of Japanese cuisine.

Lucky Cat Vegan (LCV) Mochi, originating in Brooklyn, is the creation of Mr. Yoshi Yuyama, a skilled pâtissier from Okinawa, Japan. LCV specializes in crafting the finest Mochi frozen desserts, enveloped in chewy and elastic sweet rice dough. These delectable treats are filled with natural fruits, making them the perfect healthy dessert option all year round.

The name "Lucky Cat" pays homage to the famous Asian figurine Maneki-Neko in Japanese, which is believed to bring good luck and fortune to its owner. This figurine, often depicting a cat with a raised paw in a welcoming gesture, comes in various colors and designs, adorned with symbols and decorations.

Invested by AKFG, Lucky Cat Vegan is backed to promote local small-batch artisan food makers, ensuring the community has access to these delicious and health-conscious frozen desserts.

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